This is the sign you have been waiting for!

Are you ready... take an active role in your physical and mental health? finally live free of negative energies, blockages and old patterns? leave your comfort zone and take personal responsibility? go new ways and to say goodbye to old habits? live your potential with more drive and energy?

I will gladly accompany and support you on your way to more health, balance, joy of life & well-being!!!


Spirituel / Spychic Healing

A Spiritual and Medial healing treatment is a bioenergetic assistance to achieve a physical or energetic balance of the human body, taking into account the trinity of body-soul-spirit. 


An AuraTransformation™ is an upgrade of the human energy field (aura) that works easier, faster and more powerful. 


During this session, issues in life that energetically create resistance are made visible and then cleansed out using a special clearing technique.


Franz 65 years

Dear Matija,
Thank you for your successful treatments:
After we know each other for a long time and I appreciate your energetic abilities very much, I was curious if energetic treatments via Zoom are possible. Already during the chakra strengthening via Zoom I felt the energy flowing strongly and I felt so really strengthened. 😊
During your online mediations, I also felt a certain "spirit" and I felt so really good afterwards. 

Also the sciatic nerve treatment did me a lot of good and relieved the strong pain. 

Silvio, 51 years

After the first treatment:

I am already much better today, the reflux has become noticeably less, I can already eat almost everything again. So there has been an extreme improvement with today 😀.

I am very pleased about it.

Stephanie, 34 years

Matija has this wonderful ability to pass on healing energy so that it is possible for one's own body to activate its self-healing powers. I was able to free myself from my cat hair allergy and significantly reduce reflux. Matija's calm, empathetic manner and his good sense for the spiritual causes of illness give one the feeling of a holistic treatment in which body and soul can be brought into harmony if the person treating one is willing to engage in it. Thank you for what you do!