About me

Already since young years he got the interest for alternative healing methods already from the father in the parenting and occupies himself since then intensively with the
topics of health, healing of body/mind/soul, energetics, spirituality, meditation, yoga, etc. 

He completed the entire training in Human Energetics, Spiritual and Psychic Healing in the Trinity Academy in Austria for the first time in 2015 and 2016. 
He quickly started treating his own patients.
After spending almost two years in Sweden training in a dance academy and train to be an AuraMediator, he returned home back in Austria 2018. 

He decided to complete the entire training at the Trinitaet Academy a second time, has been treating clients regularly again ever since, and ultimately expressed his interest in becoming a lecturer at the Academy in the spring of 2020. Until the fall of 2022, he has held parts as an assistant lecturer of seminars in Human Energetics and Spiritual Healing.
In addition, he has successfully completed seminars at The Force in You to expand his knowledge in energetics and continues to develop regularly to offer the best possible support for his clients.

He is passionate about helping people realize their potential, supporting them in their development and the path to healing and expanding consciousness. 

Matija Kolmanic


2013 Magnified Healing (Croatia) 
2015 Humanenergetics in the Trinitaet Academy (Austria)  
2015 - 2019 Dipl. Spiritual and Medial Healer in the Trinitaet Academy (Austria)
2018 AuraMediator Training with Sarah Jennings and Johanna Saari (UK)  
2019 Progressive and Intensive Meditation Workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza(Online)
2020 Lecturer at the Trinitaet Academy(Austria)
2020-2022 The Force In You Seminars(Austria)
2021 Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Mediation Training at the Internal Arts Academy(Online)