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AuraTransformation™ is a four-hour session that activates the influx of New Time energy and provides a permanent and radical expansion of consciousness. 
During the treatment, the old energy field (aura) dissolves and a new energy field emerges, perfectly in tune with today's new energies of our time. You can think of it as an upgrade of an operating system that works easier, faster and more powerful. 
Your energy system is no longer unconsciously driven by hidden views, programs, belief systems and old karma! This releases a clear stream of energy from a reservoir that was previously blocked, sluggish and murky. The positive effects relate to both the body (physical) and the mental state and are often life-changing. 

Through an AuraTransformation™ you will:
- have better energetic protection
- find yourself with more energy and joy in your life
- have a stronger intuition and more drive
- be more focused and happy in life
- be able to keep your own energies to yourself
- be more balanced in life
- live, act and communicate from your heart center
- have direct contact with your consciousness and higher self on a daily basis.
- have a fast and smooth integration of the higher energy frequencies on earth in your body and consciousness (means you will have a faster evolution)
- be connected to your truth and passion (aka your dharma)
- have a more intense power of manifestation and attraction
- Have a better connection with the children of today
(Source: Anni Sennov/Balance on all levels book)

The treatment is divided into three phases:

1st phase
The AuraMediator™ acts like a powerful magnet that draws all the energies that the client has lost throughout life back into your energy system. During the treatment, mental traumas, shock experiences and belief systems are also dissolved.
2nd phase:     
The old aura with its layers (Etheric Body, Astral Body, Mental Body ect. ) is dissolved. This creates space for the Higher Self(Spirit) to integrate into the body & energy system. The Higher Self consists of a vast reservoir of energy that contains all the information, knowledge and talents relevant to the present, as well as future life.
3rd Phase:
When the entire system is filled with your energies, a stronger connection to the heart chakra arises, enabling you to live, act and communicate from the heart center. A new more powerful, protective ''Indigo'' or ''Crystal Aura'' is created, which corresponds to today's children of the time.

After the aura transformation it is possible to book further balance treatments to get more balance in the energetic system.

AuraTransformation™ is not a substitute for a qualified health care for
the physical body and/or psyche and is not intended to cure any disease.
AuraTransformation™ is intended for individuals who are relatively stable in their physical and
Mental health are relatively stable. In addition, it is especially important,
not to receive AuraTransformation™ when other professional help is needed.
is needed.
Therefore, ongoing treatment with a physician or therapist should not be discontinued
or refrain from doing so.

For more information about AuraTransformation™ see:

The fee for the AuraTransformation™ treatment is:

€ 399.- four hours divided into two sessions.

Balance treatment (can only be booked after an AuraTransformation).

€ 88.- per hour

Please do not let our meeting fail because of money. I am happy if my work is worth the normal price to you, but if you can't afford it, write to me and ask for a discount!