Energetic Clearing Session

In this session, different issues in life that create energetic resistance are made visible in consciousness and then cleared using a special clearing technique.
Once the resistance in these issues is resolved, the energy in the system can flow again and the personal reality that everyone creates for themselves can change abruptly for the better. 
If necessary, the energy system is strengthened following the clearing. 
The issues can be very different from person to person and each session is individual.
A side effect after a few sessions can be an expansion of consciousness. Many clients also feel a sense of inner peace, joy, lightness and clarity. 

The session can help with the following issues:
- Money and finances
- Partnership and relationships 
- Self-love and self-worth
- Victim / perpetrator / helper roles
- Beliefs and belief patterns
- conflicts
- family issues 
- Pressure and stress 
- heart opening
- aches and pains
- sexuality
- fears
and much more.

Duration: approx. 1 - 1,5 hours
Price: € 99,- per session
Location: on site or online via Zoom

Block of 3 (3 treatments): 227€ instead of 297€
Block of 5 (5 treatments): 395€ instead of 495€
Block of 7 (7 treatments): 553€ instead of 693€

Please do not let our meeting fail because of the money. I'm happy if my work is worth the normal price to you, but if you can't afford it, write to me and ask for a discount!

As a spiritual healer I am not allowed to make any healing promises. A cooperation with conventional medicine I consider very important, so an ongoing treatment with the doctor or therapist should not be interrupted.